If you already wrote your WILL Apollo Personal Databank, they help you by keeping your soft copy and on electronic card by scanning the copy of your WILL and to oversee that your WILL is secured the way you wanted without the WILL being altered and you let your family members and executors of your WILL know that you are keeping a soft copy of the WILL with Apollo Personal Databank for verification of the WILL (YOU NEVER KNOW).

This will help you a lot from the greedy executors who altered the WILL, you trust executors but you can’t read his/her heart.

With Apollo Personal Databank you will be 100% safe with your WILL



There are a number of ways that you can make a will.

Through our Apollo Personal Data Bank Lawyers

It’s usually best to get advice from a lawyer (for example, a solicitor or chartered legal executive). You may wish to speak
to a lawyer who specialises in wills and probate. Your lawyer can also advise you on inheritance tax issues that may arise.
If you decide to use a lawyer, first check they are licensed with the relevant professional body, such as the Solicitors
Regulation Authority. Professionals often charge a fixed fee for this work rather than their hourly rate.
Their fees should be explained in their letter of engagement. Your lawyer may be able to store your will safely for you, but
they may charge for this. You must let your executors know where it’s kept. Executors deal with your estate after your
death. You can also request copies of your will to keep yourself and give to your executor(s).

Apollo Personal Data Bank Professional will writers
Professional will writers aren’t qualified solicitors and may not be regulated. If you decide to use one, first check
whether they are a member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters. Find out more about professional
will writers in our free factsheet Making a will.

Make your own will
You can buy do-it-yourself will kits and forms from stationery shops and online, but it’s easy to make mistakes, miss out
important details or not be absolutely clear what you want when filling them in. This can cause problems for your
beneficiaries and executors after your death. A will is a legal document so it needs to be written and signed correctly. If
you decide to make your own will, make sure it is valid so your wishes are carried out exactly as you specify them.

We offer will-writing services and advice about estate planning.

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