• Apollo Personal Data Bank Ltd has an organized team of workers in handling client’s data. We have reliable I.T experts, reputable lawyers and various consultants.
  • When our client is unable to reach our office due to illness or being busy he/ she can contact us so that our team can collect the data.
  • Apollo Personal Data Bank Ltd gives free consultancy to our clients and we continuously check on them to ascertain new data to be added or indicated on their data electronic card with no costs added.
  • Apollo Personal Databank Ltd committed to unite the Family in case there is dispute and making dialogue until logical end of disputes.
  • Apollo Personal Databank Ltd ensures that the clients WILL was properly executed as he/she wanted a maximum five years after his/her demise.
  • Apollo Personal Databank Ltd monitors the children to see whether there satisfied with parents instruction left behind if not Apollo Personal Data Bank takes legal action to or against the Guardian.
  • Apollo Personal Databank Ltd monitors the standard of education there getting every term.
  • Apollo Personal Databank Ltd gives free consultation to family for five years.
  • Apollo Personal Databank Ltd advises the family on channels to follow on NSSF matters and getting out decedent savings and distribution as he/she wanted.
  • Apollo Personal Databank Ltd when we read the WILL to the family and relevant people, we give our HOTLINES to each individual in the WILL so that if there’s any misunderstanding in the WILL to report to us for consultation, if parties fail to resolve particular issues with Apollo Personal Databank Ltd. We take legal means to resolve the issues by representing the clients instruction in court of law.
  • Apollo Personal Databank Ltd we don’t close clients file, the file remains in our database, even if all his/her instructions left with company are served the way his/her wanted.

Security of Data
Apollo Personal Data Bank Ltd has security measures in our system which disables the hackers to penetrate into our system. Our client’s data is very valuable and protected with advanced technology and no one can tamper with one’s personal data.

No one can know the client’s data until his\her demise because it is highly confidential. We advise our clients to let his\her family members know that he/she is just a member in Apollo Personal Data Bank Ltd so that in case of his/her death they can approach the company for the will exposure. But Apollo Personal Data Bank Ltd has to verify the authenticity of the claimants first before, it proceeds with the client’s instructions he/she left behind.