In 2012 June I was while on roadwork in the evening, I met a young lady in her 20’s walking and crying while moving in same direction. I asked her what made her to cry? At fast she was bitter and I had to ask if could be of  help and at last, she told me that she is from her uncle to collect tuition, but her uncle told her that he had no money for her and he was administering her father’s estates as he had left commercial building, apartments and other properties for her. Funny enough even the house her uncle was staying in belonged to the young lady’s parents who died when she was six years old. “Uncle was living a good life driving expensive cars and just imagine, he went ahead and transferred all the property to his names after the death of my father who was his big brother, my mum was the first to die, she said.

She told me a lot while we were walking that even her aunts also told her uncle to hand over the properties to her as she was 20yrs old and mature enough to learn her properties by that time and he refused. The good thing enough was the father to the girl before handing documents to his uncle, had made copies of the properties and gave them to one of his sister just in case.

I had to call her aunt to verify her story and she told me she had talked to her brother, the girl’s uncle to hand over properties and he has refused. I requested her to make copies of the documents and she agreed and promised me to pick them the next day. That evening, I had about $6US dollars and I gave her so that she could get something to eat. We met in town the next day in the morning and we went to her aunt place about 10kms from town, she gave us the copies and requested me to take her to the Ministry of Lands for verification of property and we found that all the property had been transferred from her father to her uncle’s names after the death of his father. We went to the police, opened a case and next day, we secured a police warrant of arrest of the uncle. Upon reaching his home, he abused us without knowing that we had copies of properties and certified copies from the Ministry of Lands showing how he made forgery of transfers. He was taken to the police station and reaching there, he was showed the documents and he cooled down and he agreed to transfer the property to the girl’s names and requested forgiveness. Even the house he was staying in was supposed to be handed over and he had go rent elsewhere since he had no house, but I requested the young lady to leave that house to him, even if he made mistake to transfer properties to his name and even if he has not been supporting her financially as he was supposed to do, he paid school fees from primary up to University and we agreed gave him that house to him officially after handing all properties.

The lady was happy and gave me around $5000 US dollars and her uncle gave her around $10000 US dollars from the rent fees arrears. When I went home I thought of how many families were suffering in same way?

I made a research in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania and found many families there suffering due to unscrupulous executors of the WILLs were found to be altered.

I made this research for six years and I came up with the Idea of forming a Company known as Apollo Personal Databank Ltd.