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How is Apollo Personal Databank Ltd. help the Society


  • Apollo personal databank help society by storing our clients WILL un touched as were “indelible solution” that help much in the family of decedent because we have seen many family killing themselves because of the estate of the late.
  • There many dispute in family i.e disowning other biological children because their born outside wedlock (“Mpango ya Kado” in Kiswahili) marriage and leaving many biological children suffering and no one cares.
  • Many families loose property to closest people to deceased because those people knows much about the deceased property some of families they bear the situation because they have seen people too closed to decedent thinking that may be is true and other family they resist the claim and they end in court of laws and judgment goes to closed people because of advantage of knowing much about the decedents property.
  • Many families lose deceases benefits because of no one know about it and many valuable properties and end up to well wishes.
  • There are many unclaimed property and some institutions takes advantage because of decedent family not being aware e.g money in bank, shares in companies, (NSSF) National Social Fund Benefit, land, houses, cars, while the family is suffering. Many executors alter the WILLs for their own ambitions leaving family suffering. At Apollo Personal Databank Ltd we do monitoring of our clients WILLs and ensures it is properly executed as he/she wanted according to client’s instructions he/she left to Apollo Personal Databank Ltd.
  • Apollo Personal Databank Ltd ensures our clients property passed on through the generations when it in his/her instructions.
  • Many families oppose the WILLs of the Late that’s why Apollo Personal Databank Ltd does WILL videos coverage writing and reading it.
  • Apollo Personal Databank sensitize people the benefits of the WILL writing and that has saved many lives of people from not killing each other since this makes them to be literate and well informed and not to be victims of no written WILL left behind.We have lost many hard working people, young and old for example in Kenya we have lost a lot of hard working people in terror-tacks e.g America embassy on August 7th, 1998 bombing, Westgate mall on 21st September, 2013, Dusit hotel on 15th January 2019, Ethiopia Aircraft crash on Sunday, 10 March 2019, homicide and manslaughter and killings on a daily basis and through road accidents and no one knows when death is coming and those who we have lost, many their families suffer because of them not having written a (WILL) .